Options / Features

Multi-Axis Parking Brakes

All arms come equipped with parking brakes. Continue Reading

Air Motor Column Rotation

Some mid-to-heavy applications require an extra kick. Continue Reading

Articulated Jib with Baltrol

Custom line of GCI custom articulating jibs with multiple options for balancer or hoist integration. Made to order, not mass produced. Continue Reading

Duel Pedestal Arms

Space Efficiency Option Continue Reading

Carbon Fiber Composite Construction

Lower Push / Pull Force Even More User-friendly Highest Ergonomic Properties Continue Reading

Safety Fencing

Customizable safety fencing. Continue Reading

Tool Stand

Custom Made Tool Stands for Multi-Tool System Storage. Continue Reading

Overhead Arm Control Layout

Tractor Drive Control Holster Variable Speed Thumb Lever Lift Controls End Effector Function Continue Reading

Variable Thumb Lever Lift Controls

Variable Speed Thumb Lever Lift Controls Parking Brake Toggles. Continue Reading

Dual Balance Lift Controls

Dual Balance (part / no part) Air Motor Roll (clockwise / counter clockwise) Pitch Tilt (up / down) Continue Reading


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