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Simply put, we create machines to help our clients safely handle parts and torque components within assembly lines. From tiny toothpaste tubes to massive mining trucks, we have assisted in the creation of a multitude of products. Since 1992, GCI has saved money for numerous Fortune 500 companies on a daily basis. Our commitment to pushing the envelope in creating a more efficient and safe work environment has earned us a reputation as the leading single source provider of torque reaction and custom material handling systems across the globe. 

Photo of Sam Goeble, General Manager of GCI Engineered Solutions

Sam Goebel

Jeffery Golberg, founder of GCI Engineered Solutions

Jeffery Golberg

Photo of Todd Gieseke, Professional engineer at GCI Engineered Solutions

Todd Gieseke PE

Photo of John Nori, quoting engineer for GCI Engineered Solutions

John Nori

Tiffany Golberg, marketing director of GCI Engineered Solutions

Tiffany Golberg

Kevin Jenks Mechanical Service Engineer GCI

Kevin Jenks

Photo of GCI application engineer, Andy Spranger

Andy Spranger

Jeff Goodin of GCI Engineered Solutions

Jeff Goodin

Photo of GCI designer, James Moe

James Moe

Photo of GCI Mechanical Engineer, David Ackley

David Ackley

Brady Rooney, Engineering Team at GCI Engineered Solutions

Brady Rooney

Thomas Kroll, mechanical engineer at GCI Engineered Solutions

Thomas Kroll

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What Our Clients Say

The system GCI provided allowed us a 60% reduction in cycle time and replaced the two previous systems which our operators had said were very heavy.

- Engineer within Automotive Industry

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