Carbon Fiber Composite Technology

GCI Engineered Solutions is proud to announce carbon fiber technology for articulated arm systems used in assembly for both torque reaction and material handling applications. The result of over 5 years of R&D, these new systems provide the most ergonomic and lightweight solution available in the industry. Constructed using the latest advancements, these arms are far lighter than any metal product while providing the same durability as steel.

Universal Specs

  • Reach: 8′ , 10′ , 12′ , 16′ ,or 20′
  • Vertical travel: 48′, 60′, or 72′
  • > 10:1 Safety Factor
  • CE certification
  • Mount: modular floor, overhead, low-profile, and portable configurations
  • Parking Brakes
  • Leveling on all joints to achieve “no drift”

Material Handling

  • Minimal arm inertia due to reduced weight resulting in unparalleled push/pull forces exerted on the operator.
  • Up to 500 lb. part weight
  • Very conducive for portable use (arm moves with minimal effort regardless if it is level)
  • Variable thumb lever or dual-balance lift controls
  • Fail-safe check valve
  • Minimal push/pull force (as little as 2 lbs.)
  • Fatigue resistant due to carbon fiber strength

Torque Reaction

  • Up to 7,500 Nm
  • 12 tooling configurations
  • Custom tool integration
  • AdaptiCS smart arm ready
  • Minimal deflection
  • Multi-axis torque reaction

GCI has extensive experience in the custom designing of grippersvacuum lifts, and torque reactions tooling, all of which can be integrated with the composite carbon fiber technology.