Torque Reaction Arm

Improve the quality control of your manufacturing process with a GCI torque reaction arm. The arm keeps the tooling better alignment with the fastener while preventing over tightening. The operator will also benefit from an improved ergonomic workflow.

Torque Reaction Arm Features

  • DC Controller Mount
  • Parking Brakes
  • Multi-axis leveling improves ergonomics and prevents drift
  • Balanced pneumatic lift controls with air fuse for pressure loss prevention
  • Long reach: Maximum 12 ft or up to 20 ft if cantilevered
  • Discrete reaction brakes
  • Universal or custom tool mounts

Torque Reaction Arm Diagram

Additional options

  • Dual Pedestal Arms: Space efficiency option for industrial torque arm applications
  • Torque Indicator Lights: Optional with the AdaptiCS Smart Arm. Increases safety since the operator doesn’t have to look at the computer screen as often.  Light 1 remains red until it has reached the correct fastener, after which it turns green. Light 2 remains red until target torque is reached, after which it turns green.
  • Carbon FiberLower push/pull force, even more user friendly, with the highest ergonomic properties.
  • Reaction Brake / Encoders: DB600 discrete brake end rotation with AdaptiCS smart arm encoder.
  • AdaptiCS Smart ArmEncoded tool-tip industrial torque arm with positioning precision accuracy and batch count.
  • Encoded Tool Sleeve: AdaptiCS encoded tool sleeve.
  • Multi-Spindle Tooling: Powered twin-spindle trombone fixture.
  • Tool Rotation Discrete Brake: DB600 discrete brake tooling rotation.
  • Powered Twin Spindle: Inline dual vertical tool with servo-powered adjustment.
  • GCI Remote Start: Compatible with any tool manufacturer; seamless Integration.
  • Inline Tool Pivot: Greater rundown flexibility with optional pin-lock positioning.
  • Right Angle Tool Sleeve: Allows multiple rundown angles and is smart-arm compatible. Optional pin-lock positioning.

Our engineers have over 20 years of experience working with industrial torque arms. Call GCI to discuss your specific application and we can recommend ergonomic solutions for your application.