Ergonomic Lift Assist

With your operators' safety at the forefront of our designs, we take pride in our ability to answer your material handling needs with an ergonomic lift-assist system. Our engineered manipulator arm systems range in the capacity of 30 lbs up to a massive 10,000 lbs. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

When implement correctly, a list assist solution can improve the safety of a manual process, reduce fatigue for the operator, and reduce the potential for damage to the tool/product. Combined, these benefits will result in more consistent and productive operations.

Custom End-Effector for your Application Type

Our engineers can design a custom end-effector for your specific material handling application. This end-effector typically falls into one of four main categories depending on the product: OD (outer diameter) gripper, ID (inner diameter) gripper, swing clamp, or vacuum gripper. As an alternative, a tool can also be mounted to the end of the arm.

Smart Arm Technology

Our specialized AdaptiCS program can be integrated into your project for error-proofing almost any application. Smart arm technology is able to monitor the process to help provide additional safety and quality checks for more consistent performance.

Maximum Capacity

in Pounds (LBs)


Product Handling


Operator handling the manipulator arm

Adjustable OD Gripper for Crankshafts

Engine Block ID Gripper

Manipulator Arm with an Engine Block Cylinder ID Gripper

Tire OD gripper with powered tilt

Tire OD Gripper with a Camera

Operator with the track tire gripper

Asphalt Paver Track Tire ID & OD Gripper Combo

End effector for handling metal tubes

Automation Equipment Material Handler

Operator handling AC coil part

Custom Manipulator Gripper for AC Coil

GCI engineer testing the manipulator

Welding Air Tank Gripper

Vacuum gripper for glass sheets

Vacuum Panel Gripper for Glass Sheets

Cradle gripper for a truck engine hood

Cradle Gripper for Handling Truck Hoods

Quad spindle for torque reaction application

T1000S Quad Spindle Arm for Pulley Bolts

Image of a GCI manipulator lifting a massive 7,000 lb tractor track.

Track Stacker Manipulator

Operator lifts 250 lb refrigerator parts with a GCI industrial manipulator

M500S Cradle Gripper

Key Benefits for Ergonomic Lift Assist Solutions

• Improved safety protocols for manual processes
• Reduce fatigue from redundant tasks for operators
• Reduce the potential for a task to damage the product
• Increased productivity due to fewer injuries and more consistent operations

Questions About Ergonomic Lift Assist

What Our Clients Say

The system GCI provided allowed us a 60% reduction in cycle time and replaced the two previous systems which our operators had said were very heavy.

- Engineer within Automotive Industry

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