Torque Reaction

We are proud to offer the world’s largest array of custom torque reaction systems. From 40 Nm to 7500 Nm, overhead to floor mounted, 360-degree tool sleeves to multi-spindle Smart Arms, we have a torque solution to suit your needs.

Key Benefits for Torque Reaction Solutions

• Utilized to absorb the reactive force from a fastening tool
• Holds the weight of the tool to reduce operator fatigue
• Reduces the chances of dropping expensive tools
• Assist with accuracy and consistent performance
• Help reduce the chances of an injury
• Increase operator efficiency (less time picking up and aligning tools)
• Balanced to be able to hit the fastener head at a precise 90° angle with the torque tool (e.g. screwdriver, wrench, drill)
• Reduce the chances of an error
• Standard or custom or designed mounts, including overhead
• Ability to travel linearly, horizontally, and vertically

Questions About Torque Reaction

What Our Clients Say

The system GCI provided allowed us a 60% reduction in cycle time and replaced the two previous systems which our operators had said were very heavy.

- Engineer within Automotive Industry

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