Torque Reaction

We are proud to offer the world's largest array of custom torque reaction systems. From 40 Nm to 7500 Nm, overhead to floor mounted, 360-degree tool sleeves to multi-spindle Smart Arms, we have a torque solution to suit your needs.

A torque reaction system can help improve operator safety and ergonomics, reduce fastening errors, and reduce the chances of a tool being damaged. These features provide more consistent operations resulting in improved efficiency.

Material and Mounting Options

Our torque arms and solutions are primarily built with steel or carbon fiber (aluminum is also an option). Steel is very strong and works great for most industrial torque tool applications. Carbon fiber is also strong but much lighter weight making longer reaches possible.

These torque reaction solutions can be mounted in various ways, including a portable base, end-of-hook, floor mount, tabletop mount, or overhead mount. Our engineers can help determine the material, mounting type, and mounting location during the design process.

Intelligent Handling

Our specialized AdaptiCS® industrial smart arm technology can be integrated into your torque reaction solution for error-proofing almost any application. Smart arms are able to guide the operator in programmable torque or tensioning patterns as well as count fasteners required for correct assembly. They error-proof your process by enabling the torque tool to operate only when it is at the correct location, sequence step (optional), and when the appropriate torque or tensioning program is used at each location.

Our technology is unique as it is open for custom programming by the end-user, and can allow for bidirectional tracking and process linking to support & force process workflow. Our AdaptiCS® program can track consistent, inconsistent, and moving parts. We are tool-manufacturer independent so we can suit your needs from anywhere between 30 Nm up to a massive 7500 Nm. We’re able to conquer the massive 7500 Nm due to our globally exclusive carbon fiber technology.

Maximum Torque

in Newton-Meters (NM)



GCI Engineered Solutions end of hook twin spindle torque reaction system

End of Hook Twin Spindle Torque

Key Benefits for Torque Reaction Solutions

• Utilized to absorb the reactive force from a fastening tool
• Holds the weight of the tool to reduce operator fatigue
• Reduces the chances of dropping expensive tools
• Assist with accuracy and consistent performance
• Help reduce the chances of an injury
• Increase operator efficiency (less time picking up and aligning tools)
• Balanced to be able to hit the fastener head at a precise 90° angle with the torque tool (e.g. screwdriver, wrench, drill)
• Reduce the chances of an error
• Standard or custom or designed mounts, including overhead
• Ability to travel linearly, horizontally, and vertically

Questions About Torque Reaction

What Our Clients Say

The system GCI provided allowed us a 60% reduction in cycle time and replaced the two previous systems which our operators had said were very heavy.

- Engineer within Automotive Industry

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