M150F Material Handling Swing Clamp Gripper

M150F – A carbon fiber material handling system with a lifting capacity of 41-150 Lbs and a reach up to 20 ft.

This GCI M150F was designed to pick up oblong, 55 lb exhaust systems and required the long reach capability that our carbon fiber technology could cover. Designed for the automotive sector, the 16′ reach allows the operator to pick up the exhaust systems and have the ability to easily carry and place the part within a large chassis moving down the line. The exhausts have an oblong shape and could be damaged upon improper gripping, so our engineers innovated a swing clamp style that could support and safely press the part into custom pads. This M150F incorporates multi pivoting handle adjustments to be ergonomically friendly to various operators. All operators will require the press of a 2 button part release so as to ensure a release without harm to them or the part.

Project Details

Maximum Capacity:

150 Pounds (LBs)

Product Handling:

Operator lifts heavy exhaust with a GCI industrial manipulator

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