Overhead Mount Stacker Manipulator

Featured here is one of our larger offerings, an overhead mount stacker manipulator. This stacker is capable of lifting 3,000 lb tires, with a grip force of up to 9,000 lbs. It can handle tires as small as 40 inches in diameter and as large as 80 inches in diameter. With the need to pick the tires from the ground and place onto the vehicle, a 90 degree pitch was incorporated into the design. This system has 50 inches of gripper travel and the gripper is configured to open variably and close variably, meaning, the operator is in control of the speed. The gripper circuit is equipped with part present sensors, once tripped these sensors initiate full pressure. This allows for the most efficient use of the operators time and the peace of mind that the part is secure.

Maximum Capacity:

3000 Pounds (LBs)

Overhead mount GCI manipulator lifting 3,000 lb Caterpillar tires of varying sizes

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