Smart Torque Reaction Arm for Transmission Assembly

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The client needed a torque reaction solution to help error-proof the transmission assembly process while also improving operator safety.

GCI engineered a smart torque reaction arm that tracks tool location and fastening sequences to reduce the chances of an error. The display provides visual guidance and feedback to the operator during the process. All actions are logged into the AdaptiCS® computer to assist with troubleshooting and quality audits.

To help further improve ergonomics, a load balancing system allows the operator to move the tool vertically without being burdened by the tool’s weight. Once the tool is in place, the end rotation is locked in place to absorb the torque reaction.

For additional safety, the remote handle works with a BEV circuit to ensure the machine is activated only when the operator is at the controls. At the base of the machine, a Ross valve acts as a safety shut-off switch for air power. In line with this valve is a drip leg to drain condensate from the compressed air to minimize machine maintenance.

Project Details

Maximum Capacity:

100 Newton Metres (Nm)
Using the smart torque arm technology for error proofing

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