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Torque Reaction

A torque reaction system can help improve operator safety, reduce fastening errors, and reduce the chances of a tool being damaged. Altogether these benefits can provide more consistent operations which will result in improved efficiency.

Material and Mounting Options

Our torque arms and solutions come primarily are built with steel or carbon fiber but aluminum can also be utilized. Steel is very strong and works great for most applications. Carbon fiber is also strong but at a much lighter weight making it possible to achieve longer reaches.

These torque reaction solutions can be mounted using a variety of methods, including a portable base, end of hook, floor mount, tabletop mount, or overhead mount. If you’re unsure about your specific application, talk to one of our engineers about options.

Intelligent Handling

Our specialized AdaptiCS program can be integrated into your torque reaction solution for error-proofing almost any application. Smart arms are able to guide the operator in programmable torque or tensioning patterns as well as count fasteners required for correct assembly. They error-proof your process by enabling the torque tool to operate only when it is at the correct location, sequence step (optional), and that the appropriate torque or tensioning program is used at each location.

Our technology is unique as it is open for custom programming by the end-user, can allow for bidirectional tracking and process linking to support & force process workflow. Our AdaptiCS program can track consistent, inconsistent, and moving parts. We are tool-manufacturer independent so that we can suit your needs from anywhere between 30 Nm up to a massive 7500 Nm. We’re able to conquer the massive 7500 Nm due to our globally exclusive carbon fiber technology.

Woman handles 500 lb casting with large gci stacker manipulator

Ergonomic Lift Assist

When implement correctly, a list assist solution can improve the safety of a manual process, reduce fatigue for the operator, and reduce the potential for damage to the tool/product. Combined, these benefits will result in more consistent and productive operations.

Custom End-Effector for your Application Type

Our engineers can design a custom end-effector for your specific material handling application. This end-effector typically falls into one of four main categories depending on the product: OD (outer diameter) gripper, ID (inner diameter) gripper, swing clamp, or vacuum gripper. As an alternative, a tool can also be mounted to the end of the arm.

Smart Arm Technology

Our specialized AdaptiCS program can be integrated into your project for error-proofing almost any application. Smart arm technology is able to monitor the process to help provide additional safety and quality checks for more consistent performance.

Solutions By Industry

Specializing in the material handling and torque markets since 1992 has led us into a vast amount of industries. When you're looking for ideas to help improve your line, check out the multitude of options we have for your speciality.

Solutions By Handling Need

From diapers to fighter jets, we have handled just about everything. Check out our various solutions here if you want to focus on your unique product line.

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