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Torque Reaction

We are proud to offer the world’s largest array of custom torque reaction systems. From 40 Nm to 7500 Nm, overhead to floor mounted, 360-degree tool sleeves to multi-spindle Smart Arms, we have a torque solution to suit your needs.

Woman handles 500 lb casting with large gci stacker manipulator

Ergonomic Lift Assist

With your operators’ safety at the forefront of our designs, we take pride in our ability to answer your material handling needs with an ergonomic lift-assist system. Our engineered manipulator arm systems range in the capacity of 30 lbs up to a massive 10,000 lbs. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Solutions By Industry

Specializing in the material handling and torque markets since 1992 has led us into a vast amount of industries. When you're looking for ideas to help improve your line, check out the multitude of options we have for your speciality.

Solutions By Handling Need

From diapers to fighter jets, we have handled just about everything. Check out our various solutions here if you want to focus on your unique product line.

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